The Elder Planning Counselor plays a very important part in dealing with elders on a financial, social or health basis. 

Elders appreciate professionals who:

  • Know the issues and alternatives that are important and unique to senior life.

  • Respect their circumstances and confidentiality.

  • Provide guidance and assistance with the elder’s best interests in mind.

  • Accommodate their physical and health challenges such as illnesses, vision or hearing impairment, when speaking with them.


  • At the turn of the century in Canada, the life expectancy was only 56 years of age.
  • In 1952 when the Old Age Security was introduced, the payout began at Age 70 and paid $40.00 per month…Life expectancy in 1952 was only 67 years of age.
  • In 1998, it was 81.5 years for women and 76.1 years for men.
  • There are more centenarians than ever before.  In 1996 there were 3,125, while in 2001 there was an increase of 21% or 3,795 individuals who are 100 years of age or older.
  • In the coming decades, elders will comprise a larger share of the Canadian population.  It is expected that by 2012 an increase to this age group of 30% will take place.  This will represent about 33% of the total population.