Communication and Other Timely Issues

Social Aspects of Aging 

Your EPC has learned and is able to describe how the various age cohorts will play a major part in the future shaping of Canada’s aging population, by affecting the social and economic experiences of the elder that will shape how Canada ages.

Your EPC will work more effectively with their elder clients and prospects by using the knowledge that they have acquired in their study of Gerontology, Aging Theories, Family Structures, Changes and Losses in Later Life, and Future Challenges.

Communicating with the 50+ Ages

The principles of effective communication apply to all ages. However, the way that we think and process information changes as we mature. To reach the elder listener with a message that will resonate, it is important to understand four key elements that the communicator must possess in order to ensure that the listener understands the message:

  • Recognizing the role that emotion plays in how the elder processes information and makes decisions.
  • Learning how to effectively reach the listener’s ‘hot buttons’ by understanding their issues.
  • Being able to effectively ‘tell your story’ in a way that will not only get your point across but be positioned to move your listener to action.

 Elder Fraud, Abuse and Ethics 

Your EPC has some basic information on how some individuals and companies take advantage of the elderly. Some alternatives on how to avoid fraud are suggested, although the best form of defence is – “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

Your EPC will look at some common frauds that are committed against the elderly. As an EPC, it is not your duty to protect or save all the elders in the world from fraud. However, it should be considered part of the service that an EPC offers, to provide the awareness that fraud exists and some ways of avoiding it.

Putting It All Into Perspective!

Your Elder Planning Counselor designation is about people helping people. Elders have a completely different set of issues, concerns, and values that need to be understood and appreciated as a total package. Any concerns can be solved appropriately if they are effectively addressed.

Our elder citizens or elders are an invaluable source of experience and knowledge for younger generations. They are the heart of the family and the foundation of your communities.