Code of Conduct

An Elder Planning Counselor will be expected to adhere to the CIEPS Code of Professional Ethics.
The objective of the Code of Professional Ethics is to specify and set forth the means to enforce the minimum ethical conduct expected of all Members as professionals and to facilitate voluntary compliance with the standards considerably higher than the required minimums.  Our integrity of both the Initiative and the EPC is uncompromising and will at all times reflect the highest principles and standards to be followed.  These standards will be the key to building long-term relationships and providing credibility with your elder clients, patients and prospects.

Code of Professional Conduct

Elder Planning Counselors will at all times: 

1.      Place the needs, objectives and interests of their clients, customers, patients and prospects above their own at all times.

 2.      Protect their clients, customers, patients and prospects from unscrupulous business and professional activities.

 3.      Give clients, customers, patients and prospects the same advice and service they would expect themselves if the circumstances were the same.

 4.      Keep confidential all personal and business details of their clients’ affairs they become aware of during the course of their work.

 5.      Keep the quality of their recommendations high through continuing education and training.

 6.      Abide by the letter and spirit of the law or any applicable regulations or professional codes in all their business or professional activities.

 7.      Shield the CIEPS and fellow EPCs from dishonour by agreeing to immediate suspension of their membership if charged with a criminal offense or professional misconduct.

 8.      Charge a fair and appropriate fee (If on a fee for service basis) based on the time, skill and expertise required.